Dangers in the home you may have missed!

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We all want to keep our children safe, from crossing the road, and the importance of not talking to strangers to eating sensibly and always wearing a helmet if they’re on their bike or scooter. But did you know that most accidents occur in home?

We’re all well aware of the basics like, keeping your sockets covered and making sure pan handles aren’t sticking over the edge of the stove and having things like a first aid box to hand and thick soft carpets ready to cushion a fall are a great place to start – visit discountflooring depot if you’re looking for new flooring solutions.

But, as parents we should always be on the lookout for danger, especially if it’s right under our noses!

Here you’ll find some of the other dangers in the home that you may have missed!

Photo frames

I’ll bet that there are plenty of photo frames on display in your living room, and of course there should be! But if your child is being a little bit too rambunctious and they knock over a frame and it shatters, the glass could easily cut your child. Always ensure frames are kept well out of reach and if possible, replace them with plastic ones!

Candles and matches

Everyone likes to create a little atmosphere at home from time to time. Whether you’re relaxing, creating a romantic mood, or you’ve just got a new candle and you’re filling your home with it’s gorgeous scents. It is entirely possible for a child or even a toddler to accidentally light a match, no matter how limited their motor skills are. The best solution is to completely remove the matches from the room and place them well out of sight.

If a candle is lit and the child knocks it over, the wax could burn them – or if they’re intrigued by the flame they could seriously burn themselves. It really isn’t worth the risk, so why not try some flameless LED candles instead?

Window blinds

A very scary but very real danger in many homes. A small child can very easily become entangled in the loop of a blind cord. In some cases, this has proved to be fatal. If you have blinds in your home, cut the loops immediately to remove the risk of asphyxiation. Or better still, invest in some cordless blinds or window coverings.

Your electricals

We know the importance of covering electrical outlets, but it’s just as important to switch any appliance off at the socket if you’re leaving it plugged in. Take your hairdryer for example – it’s very easy for a child to switch on – meaning that your child could easily burn themselves with the heat. In addition, if the hairdryer is switched on and left unattended near a curtain, or cushion it could start a fire before it has chance to cut out.

And always leave your straighteners out of reach when you’re done with them! We all know how painful burns can be!

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