Featured post: Renovating or Updating a Room on a Budget

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Most of us invest a fair amount of time and money into our homes. We decorate fairly regularly. But, in most homes, there is one room that is often neglected, the spare room. This is a big shame because there is a lot you can get out of putting that space to use. For example, you could rent it out; use it as an office, set up a snug, gym, game room or playroom in it.

If you fancy doing that, but are short on cash, read on. Below I explain how to get things looking good again without having to buy expensive decorating materials or calling in the professionals.

Sort out the floors

If your skirting boards are all dinged, there is no need to spend a day rubbing them down, filling and painting them. Just buy some new Torus skirting board. This style blends in almost regardless of your tastes in room decor. If you buy the pre-primed kind you will save yourself a lot of money. It does not take long to install and there is certainly no need to hire a carpenter.

If the floor covering needs replacing too, opt for laminate flooring or vinyl. Provided the room is not going to be heavily used you can get away with buying the cheaper kinds of laminate flooring.

Sprucing up the walls

There is no need to use wallpaper. Painted walls are a lot cheaper and easier to maintain. Plus, they are far easier to change up when you want to create a new look.

All you need to do is to put up some new photos, decals or wall hangings. Wall stickers are great too. They cost a bit, but they give the room a fresh, clean look and take about 40 minutes to put up. Just be sure to buy the type that can easily be peeled off and replaced when you want to change things again.

Sorting out the lighting

Provided you stick with the fixtures you already own, you do not have to spend a lot of time and money on lighting. Maybe, just put in a brighter bulb or one that can be dimmed. However, it is worth updating the shades and fixtures every now and again. It is surprising how dated old lighting fixtures make a room look.

Upgrade the storage

A tidy room looks better and you will get more use out of it. So, take the time to clean out the junk and upgrade the storage if you need to. Lidded plastic storage bins are a great way to make the best use of the entire cube of a cupboard. You will be surprised by how much extra stuff you can fit in when you use them.

Redress the windows

If you already have curtains consider making new tiebacks or edging each curtain with a strip of new material to bring them up to date. Potentially, the same can be done with blinds. Should you not be able to get away with this approach, consider making new curtains or blinds yourself. It is surprisingly easy to do. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show you, in detail, how to get the job done.

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