Book Review: Fantastically Great Women who Worked Wonders by Kate Pankhurst

27th May 2019 No Comments

I’m always on the look out for books to inspire my little girl and this is a perfect example but its also a great book for my little boys to look at too. The book considers some brilliant women who each have a 2 page spread. It looks at their lives and what they did in bite size snippets just long enough to keepĀ  children’s attention.

The kids loved this book and so did I, I learnt about some amazing women who I hadn’t heard of before and feel inspired to find out a bit more about some of them. Isn’t it great when a kids book does that for you!

This is the perfect job to try to get your children thinking about what they might do to make a big change to the world. But also, its a book which they will enjoy looking at and reading because of the easy child friendly but not condescending presentation style. Find out more here.

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