Book Review: Look Inside Seas and Oceans

27th May 2019 No Comments

This is a great little books about seas and oceans with over fifty flaps for children to explore. My seven year old is currently studying this topic at school and so has been revelling in learning additional facts to wow his teacher.

The books looks at lots of different habitats including coasts, coral reefs and the frozen oceans. There is a chance to find out about lots of different animals and how they live whilst enjoying the illustrations.

I thought this book was a delight and i’m so pleased my son likes it as it reminds e of the sorts of books Usborne produced when I was a child. I spent many hours pouring over the illustrations noticing new facts each time. This is a fabulous way to learn and to simply enjoy books.

Another brilliant addition to the bookshelf. Thank you Usborne for sending us so many lovely books to review! If you’d like to find out more about this publication have a look here.

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