Book Blog Tour: A Cake for the Gestapo by Jacqueline King

6th March 2020 No Comments
With a real flavour of the Secret Seven books,  Cake for the Gestapo tells the story of the Nazi occupation of Jersey. Based on real life accounts this is an adventure story about friendship, kindness, bravery, resilience and how families survived during the darkest of times. There is a wonderful, evocative sense of the landscape and geography of Jersey during the Second World War and the impact that the occupation had on daily life for the children and their families.
Often children’s books about the Second World War can be quite worthy but this is a great introduction to the topic particularly for KS2 readers as the characters of Clem, Joe, Spinner and Ginger are so relatable and there is a real flavour of the era. I loved the bravery and  humour with which the children attempt to get their own back on the Nazi’s and I think there is something in that sense of resilience that my own children could learn from.
The beauty of the setting and the characters of the children come together to form a brilliant story which holds its own. The details about the War and the occupation are an added bonus. If you’re looking for a book to make your children sit down and think long after they’ve enjoyed reading the story then this is the one!
If you’d like to hear how others get on have a look at the blog tour to go with the launch of the book:
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