Review Policy and Disclosure

You can contact me at: Claire (at) beingamummy (dot) co (dot) uk

All products reviewed on here will have been provided to the blogger to keep for review purposes unless otherwise stated.

I prefer to write reviews mainly on my other site Mummy Reviews, however, if I think the product is appropriate and suitable for my blog I may include it here.

I do not accept payment for reviews, although I would expect to keep the product in order to save me a trip to the post office. I will then pass the product onto a local charity or use it at my discretion.

I reserve the right to provide my own personal opinion of the product and I will provide an honest analysis of my experience. By providing me with your product for review you are agreeing to this.

I will write sponsored posts for a fee, however these will be clearly labelled as such usually called a ‘featured post’ in the title.

I will never re-publish your press release in full.

Copyright of the text remains with me.

Please also take note of my legal notice at the bottom of my home page.

I am happy to provide statistics from my Google Analytics, but for a rough guide feel free to have a look at my site meter located at the bottom of my home page.

Unless stated otherwise, I will have received payment for guest posts, featured posts and sponsored posts. HOWEVER, I will only accept these posts if it is a product or company and text which I feel is appropriate to my blog