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Featured Post: Your Chance to Become a Boots Points Millionaire!

One of the first ever loyalty card schemes I signed up to was from Boots. Its one of those schemes where the points mean that you can genuinely treat yourself. The card has a permanent place in my purse and as Boots is such a ubiquitous and useful shop on the high street it gets frequent […]

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Featured Post: Scottish Friendly, the Titanic and Your Children’s Savings

As some of you may know I’ve written quite a bit about Scottish Friendly on this site as they offer some great Child Trust Funds and Junior ISA’s and i’m always on the lookout for this sort of thing. If you have chosen to take out an account with them then this latest news will […]

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Featured Post: Reasons To Avoid Traditional Estate Agencies When You Have Children to Consider

We’ve been looking at moving house and its a completely different market to the one we experienced 12 years ago. There is a new wave of online estate agents  taking over the market, these are exciting times. These online estate agents make it much, much easier to buy a property when you have children. Here […]

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