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    The inspiration behind my parenting hacks!
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Share Your Parenting Hack and Win with Sudocrem

The inspiration behind my parenting hacks! Image courtesy of Cocoon Photography

The inspiration behind my parenting hacks! Image courtesy of Cocoon Photography

Everyone loves a good parenting hack. By that I mean a cost effective, safe strategy or technique designed to help manage, and save time or make parenting simpler or easier. Its something that can quickly calm down a child, ease pain, entertain, distracts or make a task simpler, easier and quicker. With three children I’ve become a master of these hacks. My best most useful one personally has been to put my front door keys on a long lanyard to make them more easy to find when on the school run and so I can hang them up to stop little people wandering off with them.

When the kids were babies I used to find their arms stuck through the cot so I devised a safer method that a cot bumper to sort this issue. It basically involves carefully tying those cotton baby blankets with holes in them in a strategic manner. We’ve also saved lots of little fingers with the use of pipe insulators on doors edges to prevent them being closed!

Sudocrem have sent over some examples of parenting hacks:

  • Put a hook at the back of a high chair to bold the bibs.
  • Reuse a pool noodle and make it a door stopper and stop little hands getting trapped in doors
  • Use a fairy cake cup to prevent the melting ice-cream from getting your kids’ hands dirty whilst eating an ice lolly.

The Competition

So, I’m working with Sudocrem to find out your best parenting hack. The three best ones on this blog will win a fab goody bag. If your parenting hack makes it through to being one of the 3 the best in the UK, then you’ll also be in with a chance to win £100 voucher!

What’s in the Sudocrem Goody-bags?

The Sudocrem  Goody-bag includes:

  • 1 Red/Pink/Blue Sudocrem hat (Color chosen at random)
  • 1 Sudocrem T-Shirt
  • 1 Sudocrem Care & Protect
  • 1 Tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream
  • 1 Sudocrem Pen
  • 1 Sudocrem car bumper slogan
  • 1 pair of Sudocrem sunglasses

If you’d like to be in with a chance then please just jot down your parenting hack in this quick and easy survey- its one question and contact details which will only be shared between myself and Sudocrem, so if you are chosen we can fulfil your prize! If you have time I’d also appreciate a comment to say you’ve entered. The competition closes on 30th October 2015 at Midday.

Enter Here


Please make sure you have a read- you’ll find them here.

Good Luck! I’m really excited to read all your ideas.

Featured Post: How to Spot and Treat Reflux in Your Baby

refluxHaving my first baby was a bit of a shock to the system, it wasn’t as easy as I thought especially as my child kept passing out and and we couldn’t really work out why. It turned out that he has something called Silent Acid Reflux which is like normal reflux without all the other symptoms. Its a totally traumatic experience for parents and something I didn’t even know about until I had kids. So when I was offered this information for you I thought it was helpful to post it up.

Bringing up a little bit of milk after feeding is completely normal. Known as ‘reflux’ or ‘possetting’, this  is usually a result of an under-developed oesophagus. Most babies  grow out of the condition after 12 months or so, and most shouldn’t experience anything more than a little discomfort during and just after a feed.

Serious complications caused by reflux are very rare, but they can lead to complex problems without quick and effective treatment. However, in most cases the signs of reflux are easy to spot – and relatively easy to treat.

What are the signs of baby reflux?

One of the tell-tale signs of baby reflux is waking up regularly throughout the night. If you know that your baby is full, clean and comfortable, there is a reasonable chance that your baby’s inability to sleep is the result of reflux. You might also find that your child wants to comfort feed for pain relief. The main – and most obvious – symptoms of reflux are regurgitation and excessive crying during or just after feeding.

What can you do to relieve your baby’s reflux at home?

There are several relatively simple steps you can take to relieve the symptoms of reflux in the home, including burping your baby at regular intervals during feeding, holding your baby upright, and feeding little and often. You should also check that the hole in your baby’s teat isn’t too big if you’re bottle-feeding.

When should you seek medical advice for your baby’s reflux?

While small amounts of regurgitated milk are part and parcel of feeding a baby, you should consult a doctor if your baby starts projectile vomiting or gagging on excessive amounts of milk. Indeed, there are several symptoms that should be a cause for concern, including:

● Trouble swallowing

● Bad breath

● Respiratory problems

● Chronic sleeping problems

● The drawing of legs up to the stomach after feeding

● Persistent and severe crying

● The arching of the back during or after feeding

● A loss of appetite

● Weight loss or insufficient weight gain

In isolation, one of these symptoms shouldn’t be a cause for concern. But you should seek medical advice if your child is suffering from several symptoms at the same time, or if the symptoms are prevalent during every feed.

What are the causes of baby reflux?

A common cause of baby reflux in premature babies, or babies with muscular disorders, is a weakened valve at the bottom of the oesophagus. A defective valve allows acid to leave the stomach and travel up through the oesophagus – causing a severe burning sensation. Some babies experience reflux due to an allergic reaction to formula or cow’s milk. A rarer cause of baby reflux is a blockage or deformity in the digestive tract, which will usually require surgery.

What are the treatments available for baby reflux?

If your baby’s reflux is being caused by a weakened valve in the oesophagus, your doctor might prescribe an anti-regurgitation formula containing an antacid and a foam barrier that ‘plugs’ the opening between the oesophagus and the stomach. If your baby’s reflux is a result of an allergy to infant milk, a fully hydrolysed formula might be prescribed – which is easier to digest. Severe cases of reflux in babies might be treated with medication that reduces the amount of acid produced by the stomach. There are many baby reflux treatments at The Portland Hospital, and a consultant paediatrician will be able to talk you through them all in detail.

Babies cry for many reasons, and reflux might be just one of them. If your child is regurgitating milk regularly and is showing clear signs of distress, seeking medical advice from a private children’s hospital will help you to get a diagnosis and begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Book Review: Aliens Love Dinopants by Claire Freedman and illustrated by Ben Cort

aliens love dinopantsAliens Love Dinopants is the eighth book in the best selling underpants series and basically combines all the elements of the other books. I have to say, we were slightly astonished that they could take the story this far, however, it works, little Ned (3) thought it as funny as the others.

Basically the aliens land in the jungle and find a big stash of underpants which is owned by dinosaurs. A very, very unique story but one which is guaranteed to appeal and delight if my little one is anything to go by.

This series of books is well produced, written and illustrated and are a dynamic, colourful and enjoyable addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Aliens Love Dinopants is out on 8th November and you can find out more here.

For lots more information, games and downloads check out the Aliens Love Underpants Website www.aliensloveunderpants.com

Review: Magformers, Intelligent Magnetic Construction

magformers1 Once in a while a really worthwhile toy comes along, the sort of toy that you wish you had thought of yourself and the sort of thing which every child should have in their toy box. Magformers is this toy, its a brilliant construction set which works on so many different levels; teaching scientific concepts and encouraging creativity.


Magformers’ toys have been very popular globally for many years, being particularly big in the US and South Korea and this year they’ve just started selling their sets in the UK.  I’m so pleased about this as I genuinely think they are a brilliant addition to the sorts of construction toys you can get. I’ve always worried about my children playing with magnets as existing toys have been fairly easy to swallow. Magformers are large shapes and the magnets are well sealed inside each unit which makes them much safer and which is why I’ve welcomed them into my home.


The sets are composed of different  magnetic shapes  which allow children to naturally understand the underlying geometry of 2D shapes and 3D figures. Through play with these shapes children  develop their mathematics and creativity while building whatever they can imagine.


All of my children absolutely love this construction set, the 3 year old is noticeably using it to build very simple shapes and explore magnetics, the older children ) 6 and 8) are  exploring all the different things you can build and following the handy instruction cards. This is a totally brilliant construction toy because its accessible and enjoyable for such a wide range of ages, it encourages and develops creativity and they seem to learn. I’m definitely going to be adding to our supplies of Magformers this Christmas and if you’re on the lookout for something new for your kids or as a gift then this is certainly something worth considering.

Check out Magformers here:

Website: www.magformers.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagformersUK

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Magformers_GB/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/magformersuk/

Disclaimer: We were sent the WOW set and haven’t stopped playing with it ever since!


Home for Lunch

cat eating


I went through a phase at secondary school when I clearly remember coming home for lunch. I used to enjoy this little break and the chance to unwind and watch Neighbours. Ned is only at nursery so he comes home for lunch and he likes to stick to his little routine, which mainly involves eating his lunch in front of Cbeebies or else. There is a real joy to coming home at lunchtime though, I really enjoyed the routine and the comfort of having a meal prepared at home half way through the day. Its a chance to unwind for a small while before you get back to the grindstone.

Now I spend the majority of my time at home I always get to have lunch at home. Its lost its glamour and I have to say its really hard not to snack on endless unhealthy treats or cook a nice meal for lunch. Its not good for maintaining weight. However, there is always something comforting about sitting down at home to eat.

The funniest thing I’ve noticed is that my cat has fully embraced this coming home for lunch thing. Everyday without fail he goes out in the morning and then comes back at mid-day for his lunch. If I refuse to give him his favourite wet cat food he cries and makes a real fuss. Its a bit of a bind to be honest and I feel incredibly guilty if i’m not here at lunch- I think i’m going to have to put some food in a timed bowl for him every day. Yes, I am turning into a crazy cat lady, I probably should make him get on with it and just eat his dry food. However, it just goes to show that there is something to be said for the nurturing properties of a proper lunch at home. It simply is animal instinct.