Book Review: The Usborne book of Planet Earth

This is a lovely book all about planet Earth, its quite varied and takes you on a journey all over the world picking out a variety of different themes and topics. Many of which your children will come across in KS1 and 2, making it a handy addition to the bookshelf.

We enjoyed flicking through the book and looking at topics which took our interest for example the monsoons in India and all about volcanoes.

The book is printed on good quality paper and feels quite special. The illustrations are child friendly but have a lovely feel to them. I think its because of this that my kids have spent such a long time looking at the book and finding out all sorts of facts to regale us with at dinner time.

I think this would make a great present for a child, if we had been given it as a gift my kids would have been delighted. If you’d like to find out more you can have a look here.

Disclaimer: We were gifted this but it hasn’t influenced my review.

Book Review: Paper Planes by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones

Paper Planes is a story about friendship, but one which is somehow full of raw emotion. It captures exactly those feelings when your friend moves away and you miss them but also reinforces that they’re still there and you can still do things together.

This is a wonderful book for children going through these sorts of issues. Recently my seven year olds friend moved schools and he misses his friend very much. I’ve used this book to help explain that he can still be friends they just need to change their relationship a little.

The illustrations work exceptionally well and are so well pitched to the style of writing that the book feels like a work of art. This doesn’t surprise me as the author and illustrator also produced The Snow Lion which was also fantastic book.

Disclaimer: We were sent this for review purposes

Book Review: Superkitty by Hannah Whitty and Paula Bowles

Superkitty is my seven year olds new favourite bedtime read. I must say i’m relieved as we were struggling through some quite epic chapter books and its nice to have a change! This is a story of a little kitten and crime fighting agency the Sensational Superheroes. Its about taking your initiative, being brave and friendship.

The book has lots of fun illustrations which have lots to look at alongside the story. Superkitty is bound to become a picture book favourite and we’re looking forward to the next instalment of adventures.

You can find out more here.

Book Review: Look Inside Seas and Oceans

This is a great little books about seas and oceans with over fifty flaps for children to explore. My seven year old is currently studying this topic at school and so has been revelling in learning additional facts to wow his teacher.

The books looks at lots of different habitats including coasts, coral reefs and the frozen oceans. There is a chance to find out about lots of different animals and how they live whilst enjoying the illustrations.

I thought this book was a delight and i’m so pleased my son likes it as it reminds e of the sorts of books Usborne produced when I was a child. I spent many hours pouring over the illustrations noticing new facts each time. This is a fabulous way to learn and to simply enjoy books.

Another brilliant addition to the bookshelf. Thank you Usborne for sending us so many lovely books to review! If you’d like to find out more about this publication have a look here.

Book Review: Fantastically Great Women who Worked Wonders by Kate Pankhurst

I’m always on the look out for books to inspire my little girl and this is a perfect example but its also a great book for my little boys to look at too. The book considers some brilliant women who each have a 2 page spread. It looks at their lives and what they did in bite size snippets just long enough to keep  children’s attention.

The kids loved this book and so did I, I learnt about some amazing women who I hadn’t heard of before and feel inspired to find out a bit more about some of them. Isn’t it great when a kids book does that for you!

This is the perfect job to try to get your children thinking about what they might do to make a big change to the world. But also, its a book which they will enjoy looking at and reading because of the easy child friendly but not condescending presentation style. Find out more here.