Review: BFree Wheat and Gluten Free Bakery Products

I wont go on about the health drive i’m on, suffice to say when I was offered the chance to try out some of the BFree range I thought I’d give it a go. I must admit, I’ve not had the best experience of gluten free, the pasta I tried was frankly horrible. BFree seems to be a bit different though, I didn’t have to actually cook anything for a start, so things couldn’t go wrong!

We tried the Bfree wraps. I tend to use wraps as an emergency back up dinneBfree wrapsr and this was no difference. We had meatballs, cottage cheese and a selection of vegetables which is exactly what we would have had at the end of the week when I use up things in the fridge. I must admit wraps are a brill thing to have in the cupboard as they go with anything, so apologies if this isn’t how you’d use them- but reality is why you come to this blog-right?! We all agreed that the wraps weren’t quite as tasty as our normal choice as they were less chewy, however they were a great healthy option.

bfreeNext up were the pitta breads. Now, we tend to eat quite a lot of these as the children absolutely love them. I served them up with Deliciously Ella’s Coconut Thai Curry which is my favourite dish at the moment. To be honest we didn’t think they tasted any different to our usual pitta breads, i’ll definitely buy these ones again!

I think overall as a family I’d buy these again, its nice to have the option to serving up healthy versions of your usual foods. I’m currently having a look through the website for some new recipes.

We also have a Fajita kit to test and I’ve asked my eldest son to make dinner with that tonight so you might see some tweets of the results.

Overall, i’m impressed. I think this is a good, easy way to cut down on wheat and gluten which requires no effort at all and very little compromise in terms of taste. I’m going to have a thorough look at their recipe suggestions and I’ve enjoyed looking through their website. If you’re interested in making your families diet a little bit more healthy i’d suggest you give BFree a go!



Review: Herbal Tea from Indigo Herbs

indigo herbsI’m sure readers must be aware by now, but in July i’m running 10K for Cancer Research. This is quite a feat given how ill I was in January, I spent most of the month in bed and i’ve only recently  recovered. Still, its about time now that I started looking after myself. I think I was struggling with burn out which lead to me catching flu, glandular fever and struggling with chest and ear infections. I’d been working very hard trying to keep all juggling lots of different balls and it was all work and no rest!

As a result i’m trying really hard to eat well, get plenty of rest and relaxation. The kind people at Indigo Herbs offered to give me a bit of a helping hand and sent over some of their lovely tea.

I was sent some Marigold Flower tea which is a lovely soothing calming tea.  I’ve been using this when I’ve come back from long runs and also before bed. It has a lovely scent and it really is one of the best teas I’ve had in a long time.

The other tea i’ve been drinking is the Echinacea Leaf Tea. I thought that this was quite strong and to be honest I didn’t like it as much, my husband though does and has been drinking it like there is no tomorrow. Echinacea has brilliant immune boosting properties and I have to admit that since I’ve been drinking this and running more regularly I have been a bit more healthy. It could be a coincidence, or perhaps it really does make a difference!

I’ve been really impressed with these teas, I wanted to give them a good try over a month or so before I wrote about them because I think its useful to properly try them. I’ve offered them to friends and family and they’ve all been impressed. They are great quality and feel like good products, i’ve been enjoying them and taking my time over cups of tea rather than grabbing them in a rush.

Having looked through the Indigo Herbs website I’ve noticed loads of other interesting products. If you’re on a health drive like me then I think its definitely worth a good look.



Featured Post: Enjoying Some Christmas Traditions

xmasI’m trying really hard to get some proper Christmas traditions happening in our household. Over the past couple of years I’ve started getting new PJ’s for Christmas Eve and we try to relax and spend some quality time together as a family.

We all decorate the tree as a team and each year the children make a new decoration for the tree, this is proving a lovely tradition and one which we can look back on each year.

The main traditions for us revolve around Christmas Day. The children get some of their toys and gifts in pillowcases at the end of their bed, delivered by Santa and the big gifts are under the tree. Its lovely to see them all opening presents in a ‘prenzy’. For me this is the most important moment and I have to say the culmination of a fair amount of stress, as there is nothing I hate more than wrapping gifts. Still, it really is worth it in the end!

xmas3Finally the big thing for us is our Christmas Turkey, we like to cook it on Christmas morning so you get that lovely Christmassy turkey smell throughout the house. For the vegetarians we will also do a nut roast, so all bases covered! We’ ll sit down to our turkey with our family traditional additions of Yorkshire puddings (these are demanded by everyone).

Interestingly having a Turkey at Christmas isn’t quite as modern as you would imagine, Henry VIII first had one and it became fashionable after the time of Edward VII. In 1930 you would have had to pay a weeks wages for a Turkey, imagine that! How times have changed and I cant help thinking that people might appreciate it a bit more if it was still that expensive.xmas2

One of the things which is quite tricky when buying turkey is knowing what to actually buy. As a rough guide I tend to buy the best quality one I can, if its organic then even better. I’d much rather have a smaller amount of more flavoursome meat than a lot of mediocre. My mother in law swears by a turkey crown, i’ve not ventured down that route yet, mainly because my boys enjoy the legs. If you’d like to find out a bit more then do check out this handy Christmas Turkey guide.

A Pizza Playdate with Little Dish

Little Dish PizzaI’m a big fan of Little Dish because it has saved me so much time on many, many occasions. Being a mum of three children I often find myself split between juggling playdates, pick-ups and trying to provide the children something healthy to eat and thats where Little Dish have helped out.

I was delighted to hear that they have added Pizza to their range. My First Pizza is the UK’s first healthy pizza for toddlers, it contains 35% less salt than other chilled children’s pizza and is made using 100% natural ingredients with no additives preservatives or added sugar. Each pizza provides one of a child’s recommended 5-a-day, thanks in part to the clever addition of hidden carrot puree in the bases. And frankly, my little tribe cant get enough of them.

Ned enjoying his pizza!

Ned enjoying his pizza!

We were lucky enough to get to try each of the flavours; margherita, Chicken and Pesto and Mini Meatballs and Veg. So we had our own little Pizza playdate.

Little Dish Pizza

Chicken and Pesto and Mini Meatball Pizza










As soon as I got the mini pizza out of the boxes to cook them I knew they would go down well, as they were quite frankly the cutest pizza I have ever seen. In terms of taste the kids were very impressed and they ate every last scrap. I’d say that size wise they were great for a meal for the three year old but after that, they were more suitable for after school snacks or as part of a large salad. Thats no criticism though, as I’m delighted to have found something which is healthy and fun for a treat for the older kids, but ideal for lunch for the littlest.

Margherita pizza

Margherita Pizza

Finally, a healthy pizza! Well done Little Dish! If you want to try them you’ll find them in your favourite supermarket. Incidentally if you’d like to keep up with Little Dish then do make sure you Like their Facebook pages as its a very useful source of information on new products with the added bonus of competitions to win some lovely stuff.

A2 Milk

squeezy cowsA few weeks ago I was invited to meet Danny Cipriani ambassador for A2 milk. Unfortunately I was unable to go along as I had to go along to work, so I sent my cousin who is a big rugby fan and was thrilled to report back for me:

In our household the importance of products that are high in calcium is very high on the agenda as my mother suffers from osteoporosis.  We are very careful that we all consume enough dairy products, especially milk, as we know how important it is for healthy bones as well as being vital for skin and muscle health.   

a2 milk

This is especially high on our agenda as we have three very active children who play a variety of sports and so when I was offered the opportunity to go along and meet the lovely people from the a2 Milk Company and chat to rugby legend Danny Cipriani, ambassador of the ‘Welcome back to Milk’ campaign about the health benefits of a2 milk, I jumped at the chance.

Danny Cipriani

I had noticed the bottles of a2 milk in my local supermarket and  so it was a fantastic opportunity to understand more about the delicious and nutritious pure cow’s milk that is for people who struggle with regular milk.   Cows originally produced milk that contained only A2 protein however over time, with the mass dairy production of recent years, another milk protein emerged – the A1 protein – which is found in the majority of regular milk today.  I discovered that a large percentage of persons who experience digestive discomfort may not in fact have an intolerance to the lactose in the milk but rather to the A1 proteins that is contained within most of the milk in our fridges today.    

Not only is a2 milk easier to digest with studies proving that those drinking it experience less bloating and abdominal plain compared to regular milk but it is 100% natural and contains only one ingredient – milk!  England rugby player Danny Cipriani enthused about how a2 milk changed his life and he is keen for others to realise its benefits.

a2 milkThe a2 Milk Company that was founded in New Zealand by Dr. Corran McLachlan produces both semi-skimmed and whole milk.  The milk is widely available in supermarkets and comes in 1 litre bottles that retail for approximately £1.39.  It offers the same health and taste benefits of dairy to those who find it difficult to stomach ordinary milk.

I took some a2 milk home to try the ‘taste’ test with the family and it passed with flying colours!   I am definitely a convert and I am so pleased that I have had the chance to learn about it so that  can recommend trying this fantastic product  to friends who react to regular cows milk.  Thank you a2 Milk!