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Book Review: Kids Cook French by Claudine Pepin

22nd March 2015 No Comments

kids cook frenchKids Cook French is an excellent French cookbook for children who really enjoy cooking. I must admit some of the recipes are a little complicated, even for me but I think that is the essence of French cookery.

This is not a ‘kiddy’ cookbook, this is a thing of beauty; it looks like a grown up cookery book and doesn’t patronise children. However, it would benefit from some illustrations depicting what the finished dish actually looks like especially for children with mums who aren’t very good at cooking. Poor little Fifi has been cooking away some delicious stuff but aside from the Crepes I’m not sure she has achieved what was meant! Still she enjoyed it and is thrilled that she can cook French!

One of the best aspects of this cookery book is the fact that its got the recipes in French and English, since French is on our primary school curriculum this is actually a very useful reference book and educational resource. Since its very practical the children are genuinely trying to use the French recipes and understand them in conjunction with the translations. Fifi in particular is enthralled and its become one of her most useful resources.

I’m a big fan of this book and with a few tweaks I think it would be brilliant. Its a really handy, inspirational little book for children who like cooking and also want to improve their language skills (or impress their teachers). Other than the lack of finished dish pictures my only other criticism is the cover which has been made hardback by the inclusion of card stuck to the front and back. This makes the book unnecessarily bulky and i’d much prefer a paperback copy.

If you like French food and getting the children cooking then this is the book for you!

You’ll find all the relevant information about Kids Cook French here

Kids Cook French officially releases on 2nd April and is published by Quarry Books.

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