The 2010 Manifesto

Lets face it, there is no point in making New Year resolutions, none of them are kept beyond the 4th of January. So instead, this year, I present you with a list of things which I think will make the UK a better place. With the elections coming up this year, any party that adopts at least some of them will of course, secure my vote. Here are some of my ideas for a more authoritarian, yet pleasant state. In no particular order:

  • Rid the BBC of all celebrities and their salaries, thus saving money which can either be used to reduce the license fee or to produce quality programming. I personally don’t care whether I am watching a so called celebrity or a no body. What I want is good television. Let all the gold diggers go to the ITV.
  • Enforce a licensing system for all dog ownership. Dogs should not be allowed off the lead in public places and fines should be enforced. Dogs can be off the lead in designated areas and on private land.
  • Fit all vehicles with a device that masks mobile phone signals. This will prevent them being used whilst driving.
  • A serious cut in hospital administration, there are just far too many different departments for individual letter writing and waiting lists.
  • Revolutionise the management structure of Local Government. From examples I have seen or read about there are far too many Chiefs and not enough Indians to provide a quality service.
  • Limit air travel for a year to essential travel. This will help the environment, the UK tourist industry and streamline the whole business. Loss of jobs in the air industry will be counter-balanced by an increase of those in the UK tourist industry. This may also highlight the fabulous holiday opportunities available in the UK.
  • Get rid of the school examination system, whereby the under tens are put under pressure to perform well in exams rather than concentrate on actually learning valuable skills.

Suffice to say there are plenty more where that lot came from, if you are a member of a political party and want to hear more then feel free to contact me!

10 thoughts on “The 2010 Manifesto”

  1. Fantastic. My mum used to work in the NHS and she said the money they wasted was scandalous – different departments producing big, glossy brochures – as if the GPs had a choice to use anyone else!!<br><br>And I totally agree on the dog thing. Licensing is so the way to go.<br><br>Ever thought of going into politics?!

  2. OK, in true politician style I&#39;m going to comment on some of your points one at a time if I may.<br><br>*I don&#39;t think it&#39;s possible to rid the BBC of all celebrities. Some – like Graham Norton for example – I would argue are worth their fee. And there are certain actors I enjoy watching and am happy to pay my licence fee to watch. I agree though that the overpaid and boring should go

  3. Perhaps, just like we have the minimum wage, we should set a maximum wage that bankers, celebs and politicians could be paid. Don&#39;t get me started on what we should do with their expenses.

  4. sorry my mistake – there isn&#39;t actually a dog license in place any more. You&#39;re right about that too. There should be. But in our borough there is definitely an encouragement for microchipping – they even offer free microchipping. I&#39;m not sure if that&#39;s been rolled out across the country but it definitely should be.<br><br>Let me know if you want to start lobbying!

  5. Sod getting the parties we already have to adopt your proposals, they love to nick peoples ideas for free- I say we should start our own party, I&#39;d vote for us over the other lot anyday!<br><br>I couldn&#39;t agree more on the whole Hospital thing- when Edward was in Neonatal care, they had to rely near on solely on donations. Suffice to say they were understaffed, were crying out for new

  6. brilliant – all of it – makes me want to write one for Australia – particularly the exams for under tens, or under 14&#39;s come to that – insanity!

  7. Here in Wales (no I&#39;m not Welsh! – stamps foot) the exams for 10 year olds are no more, SATS I think they were called?

  8. Well, I read numbers one and two and thought, yes! Then three and four and five… Basically, and to my surprise, I&#39;m in wholehearted agreement with the entire manifesto. Where do I sign up?

  9. Yes I agree with these, I worked in the NHS for a couple of years and you wouldn&#39;t believe the money which was paid to external consultants. The entire non-medical side of the organisation needs to be overhauled. The Government has thrown a huge amount of money in the NHS in recent years with few positive results.<br><br>Air travel is a tricky one, a lot of air travel is probably business

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