Sometimes You Just Have One of Those Moments


In fact, in this house it seems that we have one of those moments all the time. If its not Toddler Boy, it’s Baby Fifi and her unrelenting demands to be picked up. If it’s not them its me. ME! Yes, that’s right, the centre of calm and coolness has through the result of pretty much 3 years of broken nights sleep, started to feel a little bit highly strung. Yesterday, I had one of those moments where I really did feel like going on strike. Demands for nappy changes, food, juice, toys (in particular the little man that goes in the helicopter which seems to get lost every five minutes) and television really did begin to grate. I sat on the sofa wishing that I could afford one of those glossy magazines, a chocolate bar and a childminder. Just for an hour or so. I’m worried I’m going to turn into Shirley Valentine.

Revenge is sweet; I made a lentil and rice casserole for dinner.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have One of Those Moments

  1. You, me, most mothers. All of us have those moments, sometimes every day in this household.<br><br>That supper sounds amazing. <br><br>My revenge is a good hair wash for everyone (usually Daddy does bathtime, I have no idea how often shampoo hits the hair, but think not so much). When the whole afternoon has gone to pot, might as well get all the unpleasent tasks out of the way. It isn&#39;t

  2. Hello there! Great blog! I know the feeling. I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old. It gets easier in some ways as your youngest gets older, but harder in other ways! x

  3. The hair washes are fraught with danger as toddler boy attempts to hurl himself out of the bath at speed. He gets so het up, you don&#39;t actually need to dry his hair, he generates enough heat to dry it himself.

  4. We all have those moments and I&#39;m surprised it has taken 3 years to come along. I can very mush relate to the little one wanting to be picked up all the time. We have that going on at the moment and his big brother is thinking up lots of ingenious ways to try and head him off or demand his own share of the attention.<br><br>I do like the revenge though – mine, like Brits in Bosnia, is usually

  5. It must be something in the air. I took a day &#39;off&#39; on Saturday. Sometimes I miss going to work and getting paid and going home and just closing the door behind you, leaving work outside…

  6. I have those moments about once a day, in fact if I have a day without one of those moments, I count that as a good day! I&#39;ve got a 2 month old and a 17 month old – everyone tells me it gets easier and I reply &quot;Great….WHEN???&quot;

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