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6th December 2009 1 Comment

The Being a Mummy household enjoy skiing. We cant wait until we have saved up enough money to take Toddler boy and Fifi on their first ski adventure. However, it’s the time of year when many people are about to head off skiing, including some of the Mummy Reviews team. Therefore, we thought it would be a good time to test out some sunglasses for our readership. Luckily enough, at that moment, Zoobug issued a press release about their new Zoom sunglasses. We contacted them and asked if we could loan some sunglasses to do a review. Fortunately they said yes, and we got a pair of the new Zoom glasses to trial and they were kind enough to give Toddler boy a pair from their Heritage range to keep.

Lets be honest here, retailing from £29 Zoobug sunglasses are high end price range for toddlers and children. I have to admit that I would only consider them if I was going on the sort of holiday where sunglasses are essential; skiing or foreign climes. At the moment, my kids are making do with some cool shades from Marks and Spencer and H & M. However, you need to be careful with these cheaper sunglasses. “Toy sunglasses do not provide safe protection for kids whose eyes are particularly sensitive to UV and blue light,” explains Dr Julie Diem Le, ophthalmologist and director of Zoobug. “Many people do not know that overexposure to UV without proper protection can burn the surface of the eye, just as the skin can become burnt, red and painful. This is a temporary condition of the eye, but can lead to blurring of vision and is distressing for young children.” That is a warning, that will get me checking what I buy in future!

Now I have seen the quality and style of the Zoobug range, I have to admit, I can really tell the difference. In fact, I would say that if you could afford them and were sure that they wouldn’t get lost, then actually they would be an ideal investment. Not only are the glasses uniquely unusual in their design and quality, the lenses are second to none, having been specifically designed by an optometrist. One of the best features is that the age ranges to which they fit is quite broad. Thus, instead of buying a new pair every couple of years, you might get away with a pair for three or four years.

Toddler boy really liked the heritage pair he is modelling above. They seemed to fit well and have special ends to the arms which enable you to fit them to the child’s head more closely, so they wont fall off. He is also really keen on the case which comes with a stretchy camel. This was a good thing as it means he is keen to put them away properly and look after them. This summer he will be the coolest toddler on the block and we are very grateful.

The Zoom model is suitable for a slightly older age group than Toddler boy. It’s intended for 6- 12 year olds, so we tried them on Louise from Mummy Reviews little boy who at 5, is slightly younger than the intended age group. But we figured that it would be a good test as mum’s do tend to buy the next size up. Louise’s little boy absolutely loved them, he liked the chequered design along the arms which he said made them look like a Ferrari. This made them even better. As a little boy that likes to be comfortable, it has been hard getting sunglasses in the past and so he has been slightly reluctant to wear them. However, he reported back that these sunglasses were really comfortable. The sunglasses fitted him now, they were not very big, so Louise did wonder whether they would last for the number of years that they were intended. I guess it depends on the size of your child’s head.

All in all, the Zoobug range has some fantastic sunglasses, which are ideal for those holidays which require good quality sunglasses. It’s worth noting that the frames are available for normal children’s glasses, something that I would certainly look at. If Fifi needed to wear glasses I would be really tempted with these flower ones

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  • Dr. Julie Diem Le, ophthalmologist, Zoobug 10th December 2009 at 12:44 pm

    I&#39;d like to add a few points about the importance of using quality protective eyewear for kids and not just toy sunglasses with low quality lenses that are often found on the high street. <br>Good quality sunglasses are essential for kids when out in the sun, regardless of where they are, both at home or abroad. UV light is stronger on the slopes and beach because of the reflection from the

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