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27th February 2010 1 Comment

I’ve posted here before about how I haven’t bought any shoes for years. This is partly my meanness, but also because I simply can’t find anything comfortable and practical enough for me. I try to walk everywhere, this involves long distances. Frankly, I am stuck with a choice of Clarks shoes, or Clarks shoes, it just doesn’t feel ‘directional’. I could not believe my luck when an email popped into the box from the PR company representing Hotter Comfort Concept shoes.

Hotter shoes are a British company based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire that focus on the manufacturing of comfortable shoes. They have developed their own ‘Comfort Concept’ technology in the sole of the shoe that injects millions of tiny air bubbles to make a very light weight shoe. They also have a deep toe bed so that toes can move easily and flex out and concealed padding to offer even more comfort. The leather is soft, this helps them mould nicely to your feet.

Looking at the website, I have to admit, that I didn’t think there was a great deal of choice for someone of my age. Many of the styles were clearly aimed at a slightly older market. However, there are a few gems such as the Starshine, and the Shake ones that I received to road test. These are, as my friend Jenni put it “…the sort of shoes that I have been searching for ages for, ideal for pushing the buggy, looking reasonably smart, but being comfortable..”. The thing I liked about them was the choice of colours, it’s hard to find shoes of a colour that are acceptable to go with a summer dress, but there are a few here.

The shoes arrived really promptly and were well packaged. It looked easy to return them if you weren’t happy. This is something that does worry me about buying shoes off the Internet, as sizes and fit can vary a great deal. I was really surprised being a pessimist, but the shoes did fit me, the adjustable Velcro straps tighten them enough for them to be nice and comfortable.

In the name of fashion, I road tested my new footwear around the Galleria Shopping Centre in Hatfield. Not to far to walk in case of injury and a fairly child-friendly environment should I be left limping. I’m pleased to say that the shoes were great; they didn’t rub, they were nice and comfy and I felt able to run after Fifi on her rampage around the shops with great ease. In fact, they were more comfortable than the pair of riding boots I’ve been clomping around in!

Hotter Comfort Concept shoe
s seem to retail between £50 and £60, as far as I am aware this is about the average price of a pair of shoes nowadays. The shoes are well made, unusual. It’s great to be able to support a British company and I’ll be keeping my eye on them with a view to acquiring another pair in the near future.

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  • Emily 2nd September 2010 at 9:34 am

    Hi there, I came across your review via Google and I hope you don't mind me commenting. I just wanted to share my recent experience with Hotter to warn people that, unfortunately, they've gone downhill! The quality of the shoes I purchased is appalling and the customer service is dreadful 🙁 Having come across recent reviews online, it seems I'm not the only one having trouble with

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