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4th August 2010 1 Comment

This isn’t a fashion blog. I’m not all that fashionable personally, but I do happen to know quite a shocking amount about fashion as I am really interested in historical costume and the history of fashion. I curate the costume collection at work and I harbour a love of fabrics, dress construction and designers which would probably amaze you if you looked at me. I can spot a Vivienne Westwood dress a mile off and probably tell you which collection it was from. I can spend hours in Liberty looking at the clothes and thinking about what inspired the designers, it used to drive the hubby mad. I have tons of books on fashion and I’ve even spent hours in the V & A Museum Dress and Textile stores looking at costume collection from the Dior to the Elizabethan. I love fashion. If I was rich, I would probably dress very differently and go to St Martins and indulge myself in some obscure art historical study of fashion. I’ve been thinking about writing a fashion blog for ages, but frankly I hardly have enough time to write this blog.

Anyway, the lovely PR chaps from offered me the chance to pick £50 worth of clothes from their site to see what I thought. This was very exciting, its not often you get the chance to spend some money on yourself. I have to admit it was also a little bit frustrating as I do have expensive tastes and 90% of the things that I liked on the site were £60. That’s not to say that it isn’t absolutely chock full of bargains for under £60, I think I have expensive tastes.

I knew that they had a few celebrities on board, so I threw caution to the wind and checked out what they were promoting. Go have a look, amongst others you can see Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton’s ranges and Denise Van Outen’s maternity wear. I loved the dresses that Holly and Fearne were promoting, some of them are on my wish list.

Each range is clearly aimed at a particular age group, so in the end I plumped for Holly’s offerings. I mean, a few more highlights and a bit of jogging and I could look like her. Maybe. I chose this cardigan as I thought it might come in handy for this autumn winter, for dressy, casual days. It’s not something I would have normally chosen, but I thought that would be a change. It came promptly, fitted well and has washed up a few times. I’m really pleased with it.

This left me with a few quid in hand, so I plumped for this white cotton blouse, I thought I could accessorise it and it was quite versatile for those hot September days. The cotton is lovely and soft, but I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with it. It just doesn’t seem brilliant quality. I would probably have exchanged it. However, saying that I have worn it a few times and have had nothing but unsolicited compliments. That just goes to show you doesn’t it!

After having a really good look at the site, I was surprised, there are some great basic clothes to be had for very reasonable prices. A lot of the clothes are different to the ones you might find on the high street, although high street brands are present too. I loved the range of dresses and coats and will be treating myself to a couple of things in the next few weeks.

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  • Hot Cross Mum 4th August 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Great review! I have something on the way which I'm also v excited about. I was genuinely impressed with the site and, like you, could have selected a dozen things. Just hoping the coat looks as good on me as it does on the likes of Holly and Fearne!

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