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24th February 2013 1 Comment

My children are really lucky because alongside their friends they have formed a brilliant book club. We try to make sure they have regular meetings and all the children get together and bring their favourite books around a particular theme. This time we were incredibly lucky to have the support of Walker Books who provided us with a pile of Spring and nature related books for the children to give their feedback on. I’m really keen to show the children how many different types of books there are and I hope that some of the joy that reading and looking at books which the adults feel is communicated to the children during our book club meetings.

If you want to do something either just as a one off or a regular thing I think Spring is a fantastic theme at the moment. There are hundreds of spin off activities that you can do to reinforce some of the messages in the books you read. However, one of the things which we found when trying to find books  is that its actually not all that easy to find fiction books with a Spring related theme. There are loads of Autumn and Winter ones but appropriate Spring ones are a bit thin on the ground. 
These are the books we looked at with some of our thoughts, I’d welcome suggestions for other books in my comments section, as it’s such a lovely inspirational theme.
My First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies Illustrated by Mark Hearld
This book is a mixture of poetry, facts and activities and is simply beautiful. In fact, it’s so beautiful that you might find yourself being a tiny bit precious about it as the children man-handle it. The illustrations are good enough to frame and provide a brilliant source of inspiration in themselves as they are quite unusual for a children’s book. The children thought it was amazing, although there was one comment which was that it looked a bit old fashioned. You can’t please everyone! Without a doubt this is a must buy book though which makes a really magnificent addition to a bookcase, whether adult or child.
Take a look at how fabulous it is by clicking on the link above.
Yucky Worms by Vivian French illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg
This was the favourite story book from our selection. It’s basically a conversation about worms between a little boy and his gran which takes place whilst they are gardening. We were all amazed by the facts provided abut worms, they included things which most of the adults didn’t even know. Its a lovely story, with some amazing facts and you’ll never look at worms in the same way again.
If its pop up that you’re looking for then this Maisy book is brilliant. Its a lovely story which is nicely illustrated and appealing to little readers (especially those who like Maisy like, which seemed to be the majority of our book club). One of the nice things about this book is the number of pull out tabs which means the children can really engage with the book itself. In terms of information, the process of growing a garden is all there is a very simplistic format. Perfect for 2- 4 year olds.
Duckie’s Ducklings by Frances Barry
Nothing says spring more than the sight of little ducklings and this book captures that scene perfectly. Its a lovely story with ducklings to spot and makes brilliant use of cut out pages. Fifi (3) said it was her favourite book, but then I must admit she’s a big fan of counting books. We reckoned it kept the majority of the children amused and it was definitely one that they went back to.
This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow:A Maggie and Rose Activity Book
There are a whole series of Maggie and Rose books which we have looked at over the years and they can be quite varied. This one is perhaps the best in the series. It tells you all about gardening and then provides a series of activities which are brilliant for preschoolers to early primary years children. I can see us using this book a lot.
More Suggestions:
The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
Guess How Much I Love you in the Spring by Sam McBratney

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  • Story Snug 8th March 2013 at 7:00 pm

    I have two books about planting seeds on my blog. I have &#39;Jasper&#39;s Beanstalk&#39; which is about Jasper&#39;s attempt to plant a beanstalk and I also have &#39;Rosie Sprout&#39;s Time to Shine&#39; which is about planting peas.<br /><br />Thank you for your spring recommendations 🙂

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