Book Review: Mabel and Me Best of Friends by Mark Sperring and Sarah Warburton

26th April 2013 No Comments

I’ve been really enjoying spending a little bit of time reading books alone with my daughter who is 4. Its something I have been deliberately trying to do so that we get a little bit of quality time together without the distraction of the other children. Mabel and Me Best of Friends was the perfect read.

This is a story with a great message and it was very amusing to read. You meet Mabel and her friend who is a little mouse, and the story is told from the little mouses point of view. The mouse thinks people are talking about Mabel, but in fact they are talking about him. When this dawned on Fifi, she laughed and pointed out the error. I was pleased she spotted this social faux pas and we both talked about the concept and the outcome. Which, of course was happy.

The idea of ‘best friends’ is something which Fifi is just encountering in her first tentative relationships in nursery and has so many emotional nuances, that I’m really pleased to find a book which begins to tackle them in such a well written, amusing and interesting manner.

We both thought that the illustrations were absolutely beautiful, Mabel is somehow exceptionally girly in her blue dress and the details meant we had a lot to look at, discuss and revisit. All these things make a book both accessible and well worth buying as you know that  you’ll re-read it and enjoy it over and over again.

This is an exceptionally lovely book which is made all the better for its use of what I can only describe as magnificent language. It was a joy to read. It gets five stars from us and I’d recommend it as one to use when you are starting to think about emotions and social issues with your Early Years child.

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Disclaimer: We received this book in exchange for a review

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