Book Review: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish; Fins of Fury by Mo O’Hara

9th February 2014 No Comments

When this book arrived my nearly seven year old was very excited. Its exactly the sort of book that appeals to him as a fairly new chapter book reader. The lesson being, if you want to get small boys to read more books, then write them about fat zombie goldfish and half the battle is won!

The book itself contains two stories and I did wonder if he would actually stick with the whole book and read both stories. I was surprised to see that he did, I think the fact that there are lots of illustrations helped as he was keen to show me some of them (those which he found hilarious) afterwards. In this book you find out what happens when Tom takes his zombie goldfish camping and in the second story when Frankie the goldfish gets kidnapped.

At the moment I’m finding that I need to read a lot of books before my son because he seems to pick up some quite grown up looking titles which are quite challenging, in particular the Doctor Who series of books and I’m not sure whether the content is really suitable. That makes this book a real joy because I could clearly easily flick through and see that its absolutely pitch perfect for him, so I didn’t need to stay up half the night reading before him. I think there should be a section in the library for books like this, it would make parenting so much easier.

Once he had finished with the book I couldn’t help myself but have a little read, partly because I’m nosy, but also because I really enjoy reading kids books because they are a bit of a quick win. As I thought, this is a great book for the later stages of infant school age group but it can certainly be enjoyed by older kids depending on their reading abilities. There weren’t any difficult words and the stories are fast moving and exciting. I’m genuinely impressed and I’ve ordered the other books in the series. I’m telling you, zombie pets are going to be all the rage in our house from now on!

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