Book Review: Happy Birthday Royal Baby by Martha Mumford and illustrated by Ada Grey

Its a year since we read Shh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby and the book has justified its place on our bookshelves many times over. Happy Birthday Royal Baby, the latest book in the series looks like its set to join it and become a firm favourite with my children.

In this instalment we follow all the action in the lead up to, during and after the royal baby’s first birthday party. Its a hive of activity and of course all the favourite members of the royal family are helping out.
These books are a great social record and are as much for parents as they are for children. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed reading them and looking at the illustrations! The children enjoyed this story as they can identify some of the royal family and also know what it is like organising a 1 year olds birthday party.
If you want to give your children a gentle introduction to contemporary social history then these books are really ideal. They are a fun, easy read with lots of detailed illustrations which make them perfect for quite a broad age group. It also makes a change to have a picture book based on real life actual people which makes it stand out from the crowd. We are very much looking forward to the next instalment.
Disclaimer: we were given a review copy

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