Book Review: Bubble Trouble by Tom Percival

4th September 2014 No Comments

Nearly exactly a year ago we reviewed Tom Percival’s first book for Bloomsbury Herman’s Letter and it remained a firm favourite throughout the year, so it was great to receive his latest offering Bubble Trouble.

Bubble Trouble is about two friends who become embroiled in a bubble blowing competition. Its a story about friendship, falling out, making up and the value of teamwork. This is a lovely book with beautiful illustrations and the added benefit of lift up flats, which seem to delight little Ned and Fifi no end. The boy, now aged seven is a bit beyond these sorts of things (to his mind anyway) however, it did inspire him to go off and start thinking about the added value he could get from making his little comic books have the odd flap. I was quite impressed.

If you like books which are both charming and interactive, without taking up loads of room on the bookcase (a big issue in our house), then this is a book for you. My kids were genuinely amused by the things you could find in bubbles and the things which you could use to blow up the biggest bubble. I like this idea because I think its this sort of thing which fires children’s imaginations and really helps them to think a little bit laterally when they are asked at school to write a story.

If you like Tom Percival’s illustrations it is well worth checking out his website and finding our more of the sorts of things he does. You  an find out more about Bubble Trouble here.

Disclaimer: we were sent a copy for review purposes

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