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Our Day at Warwick Castle

1st June 2015 No Comments

HH_WickedWarwick_logoLast week I posted how excited we were to be going along to the W Factor at Warwick Castle. Well, the day lived up to expectations and we had so much fun. The auditions were really amusing, the kids did a fantastic job, we thought the pirates were the best but unfortunately they only came second. If you’d like to have a look at the auditions check out this video:

The winners were as follows:

  • Lucy Edwards, Stratford upon Avon who won with her rendition of a Horrible Histories song about Henry VIII
  • ‘The Pirates’ who came second with their poem about Blackbeard. George and India Day (aged 10) and Noah Day (aged 6)
  • Carole Holland and her daughter Tori (5) and son Arthur (4) with their historical skit.
  •  Oscar (13) and Ben (11) Blakeborough and William (11) and Rosie (8) Dodd from Bristol came in fourth with their limericks and jokes

After the auditions we had the chance to visit the castle properly. It was the best day,

Warwick Castle
Spot the dad!

the children loved climbing the battlements and we all enjoyed the bird show. It goes without saying that the trebuchet demonstration was a highlight.

This year at Warwick Castle there is a new attraction the Horrible Histories Wicked Warwick Stage Show and this is what the W Factor was all about as the winner will have a cameo role in the show. This stage show will be a brilliant addition to the already ample offer at Warwick Castle.

If you have a child who loves history, or one that you are trying to inspire then a trip to Warwick Castle is the ideal solution for a guaranteed great day out.

Disclaimer: We were invited along to the event

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