Book Review: Instructions not Included by Charlotte Moerman

1st May 2009 No Comments

I’m in awe of fellow mummy blogger Charlotte Moerman, not only does she juggle three little boys on a daily basis, but she has managed to write a charming book detailing their lives and her journey from office girl to mum to three in as many years. Charlotte’s husband is a businessman travelling the world, so no help there and although she has a cleaner once a week to maintain some sort of order, she does it all herself. She is a woman that any mum can identify with, in fact, this would be a good manual for any first-time mum to be. It tells the truth!

How I laughed at her opening the door to the gas-man whilst in a whirl of breast-feeding chaos. I un-thinkingly did the same when our next door neighbour called round. Red cheeks all-round. I have to cook several different variations on dinner at different times every-night. Poor Charlotte is cursed with children who all seem to like wildly different food-stuffs. I have a double buggy, she has to use the double buggy and the sling. Ha, ha, someone has it worse than me. It made me feel so much better!

I have to admit that the start of the book jumped around a bit and it took me a while to get my head around what was going on. Then, all of a sudden the book and writing style metaphorically speaking, finds its feet, or rather, I suspect, that Charlotte found her feet, in terms of the writing required from blog to book. It’s like motherhood as a whole, you jump around in a wild panic then, all of a sudden it all falls into place and you could look after 37 children whilst cooking a healthy organic meal, finding time to go to the loo and ironing hubby’s shirts. I haven’t got to that stage yet, but I can dream. I digress, by the end of the book, I really felt that the whole range of emotions involved in motherhood had been described beautifully and it was a real pleasure to read. It also has a particularly nice cover, important for anything that goes on my bookshelf.

I can’t wait for some more installments and the film of the book. I wonder who Charlotte would like to play her, in my minds eye I have Renee Zwellegger down, but perhaps she has some other ideas. You can read her blog at The Buggy Blog and if you get the chance have a read of the book, I’m sure that you will enjoy it and find a few bits you can identify with.

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