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1st October 2009 3 Comments

You know how it is, you are very well meaning, you really do want to lose weight, you are trying. You didn’t have that additional Jaffa Cake which would finish the packet off. No, I will leave it for someone else. Oh, Sod it, I’ll just have it, what difference is one more going to make? Then, before you know it, you are not just pushing your mid thirties, you are also pushing 12 stone. Panic!

An opportunity presents itself. Would anyone like to test EA Sport Active? YES, me me me me me. What was I thinking? We have Wii Fit, it’s about as much help as the cardboard box it came in for losing weight. I suppose if I ate the box instead of some Jaffa Cakes, that might help. But anyhow, its a time thing, will I actually find the time to use the EA Sports Active without tripping over a baby and a toddler? (The Wii Fit near accident was legendary and sensible me has stopped Wii Fit-ing during the daytime). Note to readers and Twitter friends, I realise that I haven’t stopped having a fit generally.

The short answer to that was, no, not when it first arrived. I do have some exercises, you see it did co-incide with an operation and our summer holidays. There was no way that I was going to get 30 clear days in which to, deep breath, FOCUS, get into the Zone Man and all that. Still, as it was sitting there on the shelf, I looked at it and in the same way that books seep knowledge into your brain through the sheer act of ownership, I’m sure EA Sports was doing a similar thing. Well, it must have actually, as I weighed myself and following a few measly actual runs I had lost 8 lb in weight. So there you go. The first reason for buying it.

So anyway, I watched the hubby (daddacool) the king of EA Sports (see posts here and here) and began to feel a bit envious. He seemed to be having lots of fun. Thats unheard of, unless he is playing some shoot-em-up game on the computer. He seemed to be getting thinner. That’s just generally unheard of. It seemed to work.

Thus, I find myself EA Sport-ing with the rest of them and yes, it’s fun and yes it’s energetic and yes, it’s easy to do. As I used to be super fit, I would do 100 sit ups and 100 press-ups morning and night and then do a three mile run somewhere in between. This was sometimes after a whole day at work wielding a mattock with the lads, one of whom really did used to dig trenches in the French Foreign Legion. I am not ashamed, I was quite fit and I did have a bit of a 6 pack and I was probably even more mad than I am now. Anyhow, now I have a nice pot belly, I’m quite plump but I do have two kids and a nice pair of Asics running trainers and EA Sports Active (which I might accidentally forget to give back). I digress, what was I saying? (no I’m not trying to avoid exercise really). Oh yes, back to the actuality of EA Sports Active.

Right, there are a few pre-set exercise routines you can do, if like me, you like to overdo it and collapse in a heap, then go off for a can of Coke. They are perfect. You have to strap a thing around your leg which gets nicely covered in sweat and there is an option to see how many calories you burn. This is great, as your other half can sit there and laugh or help to motivate you, the choice is theirs. You can get really quite competitive on this sort of thing you know, not like we have or anything. Honest.

I’d love to have my own personal trainer and EA Sports provides this, in fact it does everything that I like in terms of exercise. I do like it, however you know what? There really is nothing like a run in the good old British Outdoors. I think for me, EA sports is best functioning as a warm-up/ cool- down after the run or as something to help me burn off my excess energy in those cold dark winter nights. There are lots of those coming up. Please, please let me keep it, or perhaps a wealthy benefactor might like to send one my way.

So, if you have a fat *ss, ahem, I mean bottom like me, I reckon you should get hold of EA Sports Active. If nothing else, it’s a good fun way to play computer games. Something that gets you kudos with men. Or so I’m told. As with all fitness, its good to reward yourself for your efforts. The image above illlustrates hubby’s idea of motivating me. I realise I look cheap. I think I need to hint a bit more about the Vivienne Westwood dress he is buying, when I lose another stone in weight.

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  • Frog in the Field 1st October 2009 at 7:57 pm

    A lovely, funny post Zoo!

  • chen-lee.tsui 2nd October 2009 at 9:53 am

    Wow, sounds cool. Really cannot wait to get back into shape after reading this (after I had the baby, that is)!

  • worldofamummy 29th October 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Oh this made me laugh so much!<br><br>I love my EA Active and like you have stopped trying to jump on the wii fit board in the daytime (my toddler thinks it&#39;s his board and gets quite possessive about who stands on it!)

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