Fashion and Me; The Pitfalls of Mummy Fashion

Reading Metropolitan Mum’s blog recently about her little girl and fashion made me think. Alright, so I’ve never been on trend and I have to agree with Metropolitan Mum’s theory, my children are far more trendy than me. However, I think this morning things came to a head. I thought I would try to smarten myself up a bit, in order to make myself feel a bit better. I got a nice pencil skirt out the of the cupboard and was going to team it with a casual but smartish (Fat Face) top. I had the following conversation;

Toddler Boy; ” No! Like Nana”
Me; “What you mean this skirt?” OMG I’m turning entirely into my mother
Toddler Boy; “Like Nana wear, you wear this” Points to crumpled up pair of dirty baby sick encrusted jeans lying in a heap on the floor.
Me; “Mummy wear this”
Toddler Boy; ” Noooooooo, this mummy!!!”
Me; “OK, then, do mummy’s only wear jeans then?”
Toddler Boy; “Yes, mummy wears this, mmm, mmm ROBOT mmm”

My children clearly don’t recognise or feel comfortable unless I am dressed like a bag lady. Perhaps this is a good thing? Any new mummy’s out there I would urge you not to make this fashion mistake, rotate your wardrobe and bin those jeans.

6 thoughts on “Fashion and Me; The Pitfalls of Mummy Fashion”

  1. I know how you feel. I went to baby clinic on Tuesday to get my LO weighed. I decided to put on a skirt – not anything posh or smart – just an oldish skirt. I even put on a bit of make-up. I walked in and the health visitor whistled and said "what are you all dressed up for, I've never seen you looking like that" It made me realise that I've spent the last 10 months looking a

  2. Oh how I live in trousers and shorts in the summer nad do adore the winter as it means thick tights and skirts. With two boys I am forever on the floor with them and found out early on that I could do gracefull!!!

  3. I got dolled up for a night out this week and found I'd forgotten how to walk in heels (it's been a year in flats for me). I swear I walked like a bad trannie, I had to cling on to Mr in case I fell 🙁

  4. Max told me one day that I only looked pretty in a skirt – he&#39;s been a fashion judge since tiny!<br><br>Don&#39;t panic though – I see the Mums moving up from the class below into Max&#39;s nursery class, looking rather worried, because they tend to be a bit more dishevelled than the ones with older kids. I think as our kids get older, we will start to regain some fashion sense ;o)

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