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7th January 2010 2 Comments

As mentioned before, there is nothing that baby Fifi doesn’t know about dummies. Good or bad, she will tell you. The proud owner of no less than 19 dummies Fifi goes around the house squirrelling them away.

I asked NUK if we could test their dummies, beakers and bottles, mainly because I have wanted to try them out for a long time, but I haven’t seen them in the shops local to me. They have a wide range of products and many of them are Bisphenol A. free which is a real bonus. One morning a very large box arrived and inside was a veritable feast of dummies, beaker and some bottle teats. But no bottles, so hopefully I will acquire some of these to test shortly. I am very grateful.

Soother (Dummies)

I had been looking for a soother that Fifi would like, but which has a little ring on the front, that’s easier said than done because she is a very picky little girl. The reason that I want ones with a ring, is simply because she keeps throwing them away, literally chucking them. I need to attach them to a soother saver. The lovely looking MAM dummies she has, and with which she squeals with joy when using don’t have this feature. Unfortunately, this has left her with a chapped face.

NUK sell the only soothers approved by the British Dental Health Association. This came as a bit of a surprise to me as I thought several other brands were too. The NUK dummies come in silicone and latex and three different sizes, this provides a lot of flexibility of choice. It may be because Fifi at 11 months, is a bit older and therefore getting a bit more used to sucking different things, but I have to say that she took to them very easily. They came in really neutral colours and I felt that they were well made and at under £4 for 2 extremely reasonably priced. I can recommend them as I simply can’t fault them. If I was to be highly critical, the only thing I could say is that they don’t come with a steriliser pot/ case. That’s hardly essential though.

The NUK Soother Saver
The NUK Soother Saver is without doubt the best I have ever seen, it has a proper clip rather than a fiddly sliding thing and its also 100% plastic, rather than having a fabric length between each end. Quite simply it is the most perfect dummy clip I have come across. The plastic means that it is easy to keep clean and can be used instantly rather than having to wait for it to dry. I wish I had seen these before and I am going to buy a couple more, so I can use them for attaching toys and teethers to the pushchair.

The NUK Learner Bottle with Soft Spout

I am beginning to start to try to get Fifi to have more of her milk feeds from a beaker. This bottle has proved absolutely ideal for the task. It has a nice soft spout which is not dissimilar to the . In fact I would go so far as to say that the beaker is the best one that we have ever used, for the bottle- beaker transition. I think mainly because its teat is quite similar plastic to a bottle. I am acutely aware of the importance of doing this because at 2.5 years old, I still haven’t managed to fully wean Toddler boy off his bottle and I would love to be a bottle free household by the New Year. It will save at least half an hour of sterilising and washing up every night. I am actually going to purchase a couple more of these beakers, as I am so impressed with how she is taking to it. You never know, I might even finally manage to wean Toddler Boy off bottles with one of them!

As a final thought, I think I should say that we think that the design of the beaker is really funky. It has become quite sought after by children visiting the house as well as our own two. That’s another sign of a good beaker! At £4.85 it’s a bit more pricey than those ones you buy in the supermarket, but on reflection and with the benefit of experience, I think its well worth the money.

You can find out lots more information about NUK and buy their products here:

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  • Glowstars 8th January 2010 at 4:26 pm

    We had NUK bottles for the boy when we were back in Brasil and they were probably the best we bought either there or here. I just wish they were more readily available here.

  • Agnese 21st August 2010 at 7:53 pm

    I need to attach them to a soother saver. The lovely looking MAM dummies she has, and with which she squeals with joy when using don’t have this feature. <br />hmm do they stopt manufacturing them? when my boy was using mam shooters not that long ago, he had shooter saver as well… it is strap with ring and that ring goes over shooters round end… <br />like this one<br />http://

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