Songs and Memories Meme

Sally at Who’s the Mummy blog tagged me in this meme a few days ago.

These are the rules: “Name a song that reminds you of something, that has a story for you. Not necessarily your favourite song or a even a song that you love, but a song that instantly takes you back to that time and place.”

I have been finding it hard to think of one song above all others that takes me back to a place in time. I could name about 40 all of which take me back to moments in my life. Music is important to me, it always has been and I really do have a mental (this sounds wrong- but you know what I mean) soundtrack to my life.

Anyhow, as its Friday I have selected Madonna’s classic “Into the Groove”

This song reminds me of my childhood. Me and my sister jumping up and down on the bed, desperate to be a cool as Madonna wearing our lace gloves and tying pom-poms in our hair. It reminds me of fun, happy times, of summer and of a sudden awareness of fashion. It’s an instantly up-lifting song which brings a smile to my face even now.

I’m not sure who has done this one, so if you haven’t- consider yourself tagged! That means you in particular Daddacool

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