Competition and Book Review; Gregg’s Favourite Puddings

I love a nice cookery book and I love a pudding, so I knew I couldn’t go too far wrong with this one. Gregg’s favourite Puddings is basically exactly what the title says it is. For those of you who don’t know who Gregg Wallace actually is (I’d be surprised if you didn’t). He is the chap from Masterchief, a programme where two blokes off the street who seem to enjoy their food, criticise other people off the street who seem to think that vanilla goes well with salmon and a pudding consists of asparagus ice-cream. Only joking, he is actually a keen cook and runs a fruit and vegetable company that supplies some of the UK’s top restaurants. He knows his food better than most and so what he thinks is a good pudding IS a good pudding.

This is one of those cookery books that makes you crave a cake. You sit down with a cup of tea and browse, pavlova, rhubarb crumble, brandy snaps, lemon meringue pie. The list is to die for. So far I have made Banoffi Pie, old fashioned Vanilla Ice-Cream, Summer Pudding and New York Cheesecake. I’m on an economy drive, but really this book is far too much of a temptation. The recipes were easy to follow, the puddings classic and the results extremely satisfying, if I say so myself!

My only criticism is be with the presentation, although its a nice hard-wearing book with a wipe-clean cover I didn’t like the sort of retro ‘in a 1980’s way’ colouring of the photographs, it just looked a little bit dated to me and not in a good way. It was a bit like looking at a modern version of one of my mum’s old cookery books. Still, its the contents that are important.

I’ve managed to secure two copies of the book for readers of Being a Mummy. If you want own a copy all you need to do is to leave a comment below and include details of where I can contact you. The winner will be chosen at random, the competition closes 12 midday on 7th August and is open to UK residents only. Good Luck!

11 thoughts on “Competition and Book Review; Gregg’s Favourite Puddings”

  1. I&#39;ve noticed the dated looking cookery books, I put one back on the shelf in the shop and looked for one in better condition the other day, only to realise that was the design! I thought it was a well read sample!<br />Would love to be in the draw, my contact is<br />Thanks<br />x

  2. Its only 7:15am and now I am thinking about dinner! What a fab looking book, thank you for offering it as a prize. I am following you on twitter as @nelsonclaire

  3. If anybody knows about puddings, it must be Greg! I&#39;m a good cook except when it comes to puds, I have NO imagination with them, so this would be a lovely book for me. I am @compergrapevine on Twitter.

  4. I&#39;m guessing it must be quite a big book seeing how there aren&#39;t many puddings that Greg doesn&#39;t like.<br /><br />Please add me to the draw, it would make a lovely birthday pressie for the mother in law. <br /><br />Ta<br /><br />@vbincatalunya

  5. Wow! some really yummy sounding puddings there – ideal for me and my grandaughter to have a go at on our baking days. @karmaperle on Twitter

  6. I&#39;m torn… One part of me (my belleh) is telling me that this is an absolute must-have for my recipe book library. Another part of me (also my belleh) is telling me to look away. Now. I vote pud!!

  7. Ooh yes please! I love a bit of Greg Wallace and he knows a good dessert, bet the book is great!<br /><br />Thanks x<br /><br />@notsosinglemum

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