Book Review; The Slime Squad by Steve Cole

2nd September 2010 No Comments

Random House publishers really kindly sent us a couple of copies of The Slime Squad to have a look at. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that my two little pre-schoolers would like them. However, although they can’t read them themselves yet, they do seem to enjoy the stories as I read them at bedtime over the course of a few days. We try to read a combination of longer stories over the course of a week and short pre-schooler stories, so I’m always on the look out for kid friendly stuff.

The Slime Squad are a group of super monsters who are trying to save the world and the books come hot on the heels of Astrosaurs which is a story that Toddler Boy loves, begging me to get the cassette out of the library whenever we go. This is a faff because I have to set up the vintage cassette deck.

The Slime Squad are funny stories with poo and slime and are great for kids up to about seven or eight (or more depending on reading levels). We enjoyed them and I can imagine that they will be read over and over again. You can find the authors website here and have a look at him on YouTube below:

You can buy the books here.

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