Book Review: I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy

29th April 2013 No Comments

We all LOVE Clara Vulliamy’s wonderful books. Since Hoo BookFest Fifi is a big fan of Bubble and Squeak in particular and we have been searching out all the other books that Clara Vulliamy has written and illustrated. So we were thrilled to receive a copy of I Heart Bedtime which is one of the Martha and the Bunny Brothers stories.

In this story Martha has to get her brothers ready for bed and then to sleep because the baby sitter is coming over. Its a fantastic story which we have read about 100 times already. This book has a lovely retro feel about it and reminds me of the books I read as a child. For me typography is very important when reading a book to the children and it works particualrly well in this book.

The illustrations are delightful and one of the things which we all really liked about them was the fact that there was a lot to discuss. Fifi really likes the page where Martha has to choose her favourite pyjamas and she revels in telling me all about her best bath things and how they compare to the bunnies.

This book is up there in my top 100 books for the 3- 5 year old age group. Its simply delightful and whats more although the kids demand to read it over and over again I haven’t tired of it yet myself. If your children have siblings rush out and buy yourself a copy as they will love it.  I reckon this is set to become a modern classic, its wonderful.

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