Film Review: Justin and The Knights of Valour DVD

Sometimes a film really strikes a chord with your children and Justin and the Knights of Valour is one of those films. Having now let them watch it at least five times I can confirm that they love it, despite the fact that the cinema reviews have not been favourable. The film has some fabulous music and some excellent sword fighting scenes which have been re-enacted in earnest in our living room, I think that’s the appeal.

Justin and The Knights of Valour is about a young knight (Justin) who wants to follow in his grandfathers footsteps and become a knight of Valour. However, his father who settled for a desk based lifestyle doesn’t want him to follow this dream. So, he sets off to become a knight by himself having a good few adventures along the way.

The film has a host of famous people as the voices for various characters, you’ll notice Antonio Banderas, Julie Waters, Rupert Everett and David Walliams amongst others. Visually it looks entertaining and to be honest, anything that can entertain my little motley crew aged 6, 5 and 2 gets a thumbs up in my book.

Have a look at the website here:

You can get hold of a copy on DVD or Blue-ray from 3rd February at all the main retailers

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