Turbo on Blu-ray; Perfect for Half Term

17th February 2014 1 Comment

It is so wet and cold outside thats its not really all that practical to allow the children free reign in the garden all day long is it? We are also currently under a television ban which isn’t ideal for half term! Fortunately the ban doesn’t extend to films and the children are allowed to watch one film per day, maximum. Today they chose to watch Turbo which was really kindly sent to them by the Fox Ambassador Team at 20th Century Fox.

Turbo is a brilliant, feel good movie from Dreamworks about a snail who dreams of being fast. After a freaky accident with some nitrous oxide his dream comes true and he is fast! Various things happen and he finds himself competing in the Indianapolis 500. This is so exciting that I had three children running around the living room and jumping up and down unable to contain themselves!

One of the things which I liked about Turbo was the fact that I could watch it with the children without being bored, its a fast moving film with hints of comedy and a wicked soundtrack. We also watched the extras on the disc, the music videos went down an absolute treat.

Turbo has inspired my children and now when its tidy up time or go to have a bath time I get them to do it Turbo fast. I’m probably a bit mean aren’t i?

Have a little look at this clip:

You can join in all the half term Turbo fun at #TurboFastFun or at https://www.facebook.com/20thCenturyFoxUK

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  • liveotherwise 18th February 2014 at 12:40 am

    Ooh, we're watching that tomorrow!

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