How to Win a Monster Race

Book Review: How to Win a Monster Race by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves

10th June 2015 No Comments

How to Win a Monster RaceHow to Win a Monster Race comes from the same award winning team who gave us How to Grow Dinosaur which is one of the books which I most remember reading my eldest when he was little. The book essentially tells us of Albie’s adventures when visiting the car wash with his mum. The value of this sort of book is that it can really fire a child’s imagination as Albie has some exciting adventures with some monsters at the car wash. It can help you as a parent turn an everyday experience into an adventure!

As expected the book is bright and colourful with a familiar everyday narrative which is very appealing to pre-schoolers. It doesn’t have a ‘hidden’ meaning or message its just a fun story. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed and it certainly fit the bill here as my youngest (Ned aged 3) has enjoyed reading this book with me several times.

There are some key themes in books that you need in any pre-schooler bookshelf. This fulfils the need for a great imagination sparking read. If you’d like to find out more have a look here.

Disclaimer: We were given a review copy

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