Book Review: The Feelgood Plan by Dalton Wong and Kate Faithfull-Williams

28th January 2016 No Comments

the feelgood planI think I’m just going to have to write off January as I have spent most of it being poorly. Prior to my illness I was all set on being good and starting January off being healthy, this wasn’t a result of new years resolutions rather that I’d been sent The Feelgood Plan book and I felt thoroughly inspired! It just looks like I’ll have to start in February instead.

The Feelgood Plan is a brilliant book for helping you quick start a new healthy lifestyle. Not only is it the first realistic fitness book i’ve read in a very long while, its also very accessible. This book is absolutely by the far the easiest way to inspire yourself begin a new healthy lifestyle. The philosophy behind it is good old fashioned common sense: when you feel good about yourself, you look your best.

There were several things which I really loved about this book; the emotional eating quiz was revealing, the starter menu’s and the emphasis on how to make more ‘me-time’ and its importance. It has really inspired me to think carefully about what I eat, the reasons why i’m eating and whether I should be buying it in the first place. I’ve always thought that popcorn was a healthy option in the cinema- it turns out that a large popcorn at the cinema is the same calories as seven burgers! That certainly made me think twice on my last cinema trip.

The book is a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and so it includes personal workouts from Dalton Wong who has trained loads of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence. He has provided some simple, brilliantly photographed exercises coupled with plans to follow. This is a non-confrontations exercise plan which includes a realistic page talking about where and why its OK to skive.

If you’re looking for a nicely presented, easily accessible plan for kickstarting a new approach to life then I can thoroughly recommend this one as it has inspired me.

I’m hoping to start on my own personal training sessions for an event thats coming up in the summer. Coupled with the advice and plans in this book, I really hope that I can regain some of my former fitness, and more importantly health! I shall keep you updated.

If you’d like to have a stab at changing around your life to become more healthy and active without all the fads and with some realistic and thoughtful advice you can find out lots more information about the plan and get hold of the book here.

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