Book Review: The Serpent House By Bea Davenport

5th March 2016 No Comments

serpent houseSometimes I get sent a book which I think is really perfect for a little reader that I know and this was one of those books. I thought that rather than reading it and reviewing it from my adult perspective I’d ask an appropriately aged child to read it and let us know what she thought. This is what Annabel aged 9 thought of Bea Davenport’s The Serpent House:

When I first started this book it took a bit of getting used to but after a while I thought, “wow this book is really good!”

When Annie gets taken away to lady Hexer’s hall she finds out that she isn’t as normal as she thought and goes on a dangerous mission to retrieve the thing that Lady Hexer has always wanted. Will she succeed or just put herself in danger?

This is a great book for 9 to 15 year old children and adults would definitely enjoy it too although it is a bit sad at the very end but still ended well.

For me the best bit was Annie’s first small trip back in time because she discoverers that she is not only different but special to.

This book is not just dangerous and sad but magical and exciting as well and that is why I love it!        

I strongly recommend this book!    

If you’d like to find out more about the book click here.

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