Book Review: Doodle Girl and the Money Mystery by Suzanne Smith and Lindsay Taylor Illustrated by Marnie Maurri

30th May 2016 No Comments

doodle girlDoodle Girl lives in a big bright red magic sketchbook and draws doodles which lead her to have the most amazing adventures and meeting the most wonderful new friends.

This is a brilliant book for getting children to use their imagination and think about constructing stories in a creative way. Its a very original book and I think you’d either love it or hate it, in our household I really liked it and the husband did not enjoy reading it. The children were also a bit divided as the boys thought it was a bit too girly for them but Fifi loved it.

The book itself is a bit of a work of art as you’d expect and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the children’s book section of an art gallery shop. It also includes an absolutely delightful colouring sheet which is worthy of being framed.

I’m a big fan of this sort of book as it can challenge the usual conventions and it helps to get children thinking about stories and using their imagination. I think there is far too much emphasis at school on children learning and thinking about creative writing in a prescribed way. This book is the perfect antidote to that and will help your children set their imagination free!

If you’d like to find out more have a look here.

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