100 adventures to have before you grow up

Book Review: 100 Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up by Anna McNuff Illustrated by Clair Rossiter

15th June 2020 No Comments

100 adventures to have before you grow upIt was with some irony that shortly before the lockdown this fabulous book dropped onto our doormat. 100 Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up is one of those books that I wish I’d have been given when I was a child as its absolutely full of things you can do, mainly outside and generally quite achieve-able.

This is a really positive book which although written by the UK Ambassador for Girl Guiding is as suitable for boys as it is for girls. The nice thing about it is that unlike lots of adventure books its really clear on how to go about each of the activities, what you might need and inspirational real life stories of people who have succeeded at that activity.

The illustrations in the book make it really accessible and a joy to browse through. Each time we pick it up me and my daughter find something different which catches our eye. Usually these sorts of books are full of photographs which can really quickly become dated, this book will definitely sit on the bookshelf for years to come and look as fresh in ten years as it does today.

For us, this book has come at the right time, because it’s a book full of inspiration. I have been sitting with my daughter and we’ve been making a bucket list of things that we might enjoy doing once this lockdown is fully over because after all, who really does ‘grow up’! Sea kayaking is high on my list, swimming between two points of land is one for my daughter’s list. I should also say that there are a few which we have done whilst we have been stuck at home too such as learning to count in three different languages.

You can buy the book at all the usual retailers and you’ll find all the details here.

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