Review; Isabella Oliver Maternity Dress or What to Buy Your Pregnant Wife For Christmas

2nd December 2009 2 Comments

I didn’t much enjoy being pregnant, especially second time around. Everything ached with the pain of SPD, I didn’t get any sleep. It was hard looking after a toddler, going to work and running the house. I felt miserable, about myself, about the state of the house, about everything really. It’s all logged somewhere in this blog. A few really flash gifts would have helped my state of mind. I’m not blaming the hubby, he did lots of lovely things and looked after me very well. Its just that I’m a girl who likes clothes.

Anyway, a little while ago uber posh designer maternity wear company Isabella Oliver asked if I would like to review and keep any maternity wear. I’m not pregnant, but my friend is, so we jumped at the opportunity to review this lovely dress which has been featured on Vogue magazine. This is what she said:

The excitement of not only knowing you are carrying a precious bundle, but that you have an excuse to buy lots of new clothes was quite overwhelming for a girlie like me who loves shopping. So the chance to try a fabulous designer dress by Isabella Oliver sent my heart beat racing above and beyond what was probably healthy. It arrived in packaging so beautiful that temptation grew, as I carefully spent time untying bows and unwrapping tissue paper.

Once I had calmed down from looking at the pretty packaging, the dress itself is rather fabulous, worn by celebs and now myself. If you want to find it on their website it’s here (the Tie Knot dress). I have to admit, I struggled with figuring out how to tie it all together, in fact I had to resort to the on-line guide to work out what I was doing. But it was all worth it. The quality is second to none, but lets face it, you would expect that from a £109 dress.

The only downside, is I am a rather petite size 8-10 and only 4 months pregnant, so I am rather swamped by it at the moment. However, with lots of clever tying of the wrap feature and adding tights I was happy and comfy and think that although I am not going to get any taller, I am going to get wider (!) so its a great investment for the whole pregnancy run. The only thing I would like to say, is that at 5ft 2 its not like on the girl in the picture. Its more ankle length which is probably not what the designer had in mind. I toned it down with a black cardy and black tights I felt well dressed, classy and perfectly attired for the office. All in all, a great investment dress. Thank you Isabella Oliver.

Can I add, after seeing it, that if we could have afforded it, if hubby had come home with a lovely dress such as this, well, I would have been over the moon. It strikes me that with Christmas coming up, there might be a lot of men out there wondering what to get their pregnant wives; this is the answer.

If you want to find out more you can read the Isabella Oliver blog at

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  • BNM 7th December 2009 at 7:52 am

    I bought an Isabella Oliver Maternity dress for my brothers wedding when I was pregnant with Car and its fantastic and lovely and I can&#39;t wear it anymore because I&#39;m not pregnant!!<br>BNM

  • Muddling Along Mummy 7th December 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I loved their stuff – I lived in a couple of their wrap dresses (long for serious days, short for funkier ones) whilst pregnant both times<br><br>They also have good discount codes and a great resale value on Ebay…

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