Book Review: Millie Shares by Claire Alexander

14th December 2013 No Comments

We are big fans of books which subtly teach children about emotions or how to deal with certain situations and I’m always on the lookout for ones which set good examples. Millie Shares is a perfect example of this sort of book and I’d suggest its probably a bookshelf essential for parents with small children.

In the story Millie has a toy called monkey and a best friend called Lily. The main problem is that Millie won’t share monkey and so Lily goes off any plays with other people. In a scenario repeated in Early Years settings across the world, Millie doesn’t like sharing very much at all and snatches toys away from other children. The books deals with the consequences of these actions and demonstrates how its actually much better to share. It was lovely to see the way my children empathised when Millie did start sharing toys and the other characters played with her.

This is a delightful book with adorable illustrations, its proved really useful at the moment as I’m trying to teach little nearly 2 year old Ned about sharing with his siblings and friends. In fact, i’ve read it so many times with him now I can just remind him about Millie and that serves as a warning to share toys. Brilliant!

You can find out more about Claire Alexander on her website which includes information about her writing courses which look awesome.

Millie Shares is published by Egmont on 30th January 2014
Hardback: 9781405264082 £10:99
Paperback: 9781405264099 £6:99

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