Book Review: Further Confessions of a GP by Dr. Benjamin Daniels

It isn’t often that I get to read an adult book with a view to reviewing it for this blog so I was delighted when the husband passed this one over to me. Further Confessions of a GP is pretty much exactly what the title says, having never read Confessions of a GP I cant really comment as to whether this is better or not. What I would say though is that I really enjoyed reading it and it isn’t something I would have chosen myself in the bookshop!

Written in an easy going almost columnist style Further Confessions of a GP makes for a very easy read and I had no trouble in sitting down and reading it cover to cover over a few hours. I loved the comedy, the honesty and I felt it gave me a real insight into how doctors think. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was written by my favourite doctor at our surgery, but by a process of deduction realised that it couldn’t possibly be. Nonetheless, I wish Dr Ben was our family GP.

The book is written as a series of different short anecdotes, each focusing on a topic or patient. I liked this because it means that you can dip in and out really easily which makes it a perfect read. In our house with three children demanding attention, I find it a challenge to read a book with long chapters.

There were several stories which stuck with me, those in the nursing home, the one about the heroin addict and the painfully poignant story of Maggie. There are also some genuinely laugh out loud moments which lift the mood following some of the more difficult stories. It was really interesting to read Dr Ben’s thought about various medicines and related health issues. My opinion on certain things such as right to die pathways and antibiotics has changed as a result. It’s hard not to think that there is an element of NHS public relations involved here, but nonetheless the stories seemed fairly straightforward accounts.

I must admit I really enjoyed this book, its made me think of my doctor and our surgery in a completely new way and I’m keen to read Confessions of a GP. You can get hold of your own copy and find more information about the book here:

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the book for review purposes

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