Book Review: Betsy Goes to School by Helen Stephens

8th June 2014 No Comments

Betsy is a cute little girl with a dog called Rufus, enjoys lots of adventures with her mum and dad. In this story Betsy goes to school and we find out all about her day.

Fifi who is in reception read this story to little NEd who is starting playgroup in September. The language is perfect for the topic and means that it is a book that early readers can tackle. The illustrations are beautiful and really reminded me of the books I read when I was little.

I remember when my eldest was just starting school and I was on the hunt for a good book about the topic. It was really hard to find something which wasn’t a popular TV character or from the 1970’s when school was a bit less play based. I think this book fills a bit of a gap, its the perfect book to introduce and excite your child about the prospect of school. It was also a good one to get a school ‘experienced’ early reader (aged five) to read something outside of the realm of Chip and Kipper.

Betsy Goes to School is nicely presented with a soft cover which makes it instantly attractive to little ones. I’m a bit torn about these sorts of gimics because it can be hard to fit them into the bookcase properly, however I think it works really well for this book and clearly encouraged Ned to look at it and read it.

If you are looking for a book to prepare your pre-schooler about the inevitable change to their lives then this is brilliant. Im really looking forward to having a look at the other books in the series and enjoying more of Helen Stephens wonderful illustrations. You can find out more here

Disclaimer: We were kindly given a review copy
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