Book Review: Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth

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A book about a woolly mammoth! How brilliant, I must admit I love books featuring Ice- Age animals and I think my enthusiasm rubs off when I read them. This book is brilliant because its all about a knitted woolly mammoth, since I like knitting it encompasses both my interests and is the perfect picture book for a 39 year old.

Myself aside, this is much more than that because its actually about emotions, the ideas of friendship, loneliness, adventure and imagination. Little Lou tugs at a piece of wool she finds intermingled in her enormous pile of toys and finds a woolly mammoth. The woolly mammoth gets snagged and gets smaller and smaller and more and more cuddly.

This is such a beautifully illustrated and lovely story that i think you’ll find it pride of place on your bookshelf. I’ve used it a few times with little Ned and 5 year old Fifi to help inspire their play ideas. It has worked really well and I’ve also had a selection of drawings of multicoloured woolly mammoths.

This is just a lovely book, its nicely produced, beautifully illustrated and a really nice story. You can find out more about Paula Bowles and her books here.

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