Book Review: Dragon Loves Penguin by Debi Gliori

28th June 2014 No Comments

Debi Gliori is one of the best children’s writers I’ve come across, her stories are always thoughtful, unusual and delightful. Dragon Loves Penguin sees Debi using a different style of illustration; charcoal and watercolours. The effect is simply stunning, however its the story which really makes it stand apart from the crowd. As a family reading this over bedtime we were enchanted, delighted and sad for the little penguin. Fifi reckons its one of her favourite books, mainly because of the ending.

This is the story of a penguin whose mummy is a dragon and its all about being different, brave and about love. Its a brilliant way to introduce very little children to the idea that time and love is the most important thing in life.

We thought this was a brilliant book, not only does it look wonderful but the themes covered are really useful and it appealed to all the children from the 2 year old to the 7 year old who used it in different ways and talked about the themes differently, resultant I guess from their life experiences.

You can find out more and download some lovely bookplates from Debi Gliori’s website.

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