Review: The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle

21st June 2014 No Comments

Anyone with pre-schoolers will be very familiar with Eric Carle’s books. We love The Hungry Caterpillar and over the course of a week read it about 3 times, its one of those books I remember reading when I was little and there is something about it which never fails to delight. Eric Carle’s artwork is simply brilliant, it’s child friendly yet engaging for adults and somehow very very inspirational. We have spent many a happy hour re-creating scenes from the Hungry caterpillar, the Very Busy Spider and the Grouchy Ladybug ( who reminds me of myself!).

Recently Puffin Books contacted me to let me know that on the 4th October they will be releasing a new book called The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse. This is the first picture book by Eric Carle in four years and is full of different animals, some of which we recognised. Its a lovely book to get children thinking about art, inspired by the Expressionist Franz Marc its a great springboard for taking them on a journey through the history of art as they grow. Brilliant, buy it as a first birthday or Christening present and they will still have it when they are thirty! Put your name down for a copy here at the Puffin Books Website.

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