Book Review: My Amazing Dad by Ross Collins

With Fathers Day coming up its time to start thinking about little gifts for the special man in your little ones life. I think that its quite nice to get a book which daddy can share with their little one, alongside anything else which is requested. My Amazing Dad is the perfect book for the job and its been reissued with a new cover especially for this year.

In this story you get to follow a baby crocodile called Snip who wants to know what his dad does all day and sets out to find out. Its a funny, heart-warming little story which is perfectly pitched at toddlers and is proving itself to be a bit of a modern classic.

If you want to see some really cute illustrations of jungle animals then this is the book for you, Ross Collins who is a critically acclaimed illustrator has produced probably the sweetest ever toddler crocodile in Snip. My eldest has spent a few days trying to perfect the art of drawing crocodiles after being inspired by just how cute Snip is.

Find out more about the book here

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