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Film Review: Home #DreamWorksHOME

16th March 2015 No Comments

Home MovieThe kids have been absolutely bursting to see Home after they saw a trailer for it. I didn’t realise this immediately because they seemed convinced the film was called ‘Oh’. I think Dreamworks may have been better to call the film ‘Oh’ because its a more fitting title. This is one of the hardest reviews i’ve had to write because I enjoyed the film very much and so did the children, yet the husband didn’t like it at all. Have a look at the trailer:

Home tells the story of the Boov’s a group of aliens amongst which the main character Oh is an individual. The Boov’s have to keep running away from some other aliens which are keen to destroy them. They find themselves a new planet to hide in: Earth. The Boov colonise Earth, moving all humans to Australia. Through a series of incidents Oh finds himself a new friend in Tip, the human lead in the story and her cat Pig.

There were a few things which did start to get on my nerves as an adult after a while. The strange language used by the alien Oh for a start! I’m trying really hard to get my three year old to talk properly and use language correctly, having the main character speak in a very disjointed back to front manner did not help my argument.

The film itself felt fresh, modern and original. I loved the story and the gentle character  of the aliens whose emotions you could detect via their colour changes. Perfect for small children. There were some truly brilliant one liners, some of which are based on contemporary pop culture which we all loved.

Home has a fantastic, catchy soundtrack with hits from Rhianna which had my little team grooving along in their chairs. It looks absolutely amazing, we saw it in 3D which I thought was fabulous. The colours used, the design of the characters and the general feel of the movie was great.

My three and six year olds absolutely loved this movie and I can see them requesting merchandising from the movie. They’ve already asked to go and see it again. The nearly eight year old who is a bit more discerning said he enjoyed it, but there were a few bits he would change.

Overall, I think Home is the ideal movie for younger viewers; its amusing, looks great, has a fab soundtrack and provided some challenging moments of mild peril and emotion. There is a lot of mileage in the characters of Oh and Tip so I look forward to seeing more of their adventures soon!

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