when dad showed me the universe

Book Review: When Dad Showed Me the Universe by Ulf Stark and Eva Eriksson

8th April 2015 No Comments

when dad showed me the universeWhen Dad Showed Me the Universe is a modern Swedish classic. I love this story, it reminded me so much of sharing things with my dad. Its essentially the story of a walk shared by father and son. However, the underlying story of their relationship, the things they discuss about the world and the humour at the end makes the narrative incredibly powerful. This isn’t a book for very young children, I think it worked best as a bedtime story for my eight year old, although the 6 year old could appreciate it she didn’t ‘get’ it in the same way as the eight year old.

I must admit in reading it there were moments which struck such resonance that I felt a bit emotional for my childhood. I hope that I am giving mu children enough of these sorts of everyday experiences and discussions.

Full of beautiful scandinavian style illustrations and with an incredibly strong narrative, I think this is one book that you wont regret getting hold of, a modern Swedish classic which is well worth owning.

You can get a copy here.

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