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Book Review: Pom Pom the Champion by Sophy Henn

20th August 2015 No Comments

pom pom by sophy hennWe absolutely love Sophy Henn’s creation Pom Pom the Panda. There is something just so sweet and innocent, yet completely childlike about him. The stories and illustrations are always superb and when you read the stories with your children you never feel short changed.

Pom Pom the Champion is the latest book in the series which deals with the concepts of boredom, winning and taking part. I must admit that it made me laugh out loud when I read it, in particular the page where Pom Pom complained he was bored whilst standing in front of a sea of toys. So much like our household! I really appreciate books which I can relate to as much as Ned because it goes to show that it isn’t just my household or my parenting.

This is a brilliant book for helping to explain to a three year old the concepts of taking part, winning and friendship. It really struck a chord with little Ned who is dealing with these toddler dramas on a daily basis and we found lots to talk about.

With little Ned going off to nursery school in September i’m currently scrutinising our bookcases and getting rid of books which I think have very little value. Conversely I have a list of books which I’m going to keep to pass onto my grandchildren. The Pom Pom series are ‘keepers’.

Thank you Sophy Henn for producing such wonderful little books, I think they will become modern day classics.

Pom Pom the Champion by Sophy Henn is out on the 3rd September £6.99 PB published by Penguin. You can have a little sneak peak for yourself here.

Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy


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