Book Review: Princess Evie’s Ponies: Sprinkles the Magic Cupcake Pony by Sarah KilBride and illustrated by Sophie Tilley

16th November 2015 No Comments

princess evieLittle Fifi has to be one of the biggest Princess Evie’s Ponies fans about, she simply loves these books and is building quite an extensive library of them. This book is the latest in the series and is the story of a quest to help their friend find the ingredients for some magic cupcakes. She was thrilled to be sent her own copy to look at.

The books also come with a removable pop up pony which Fifi loves- she spends hours playing with her collection and they are all stabled above her bed at night. They really add to the books as they allow for expansion of the stories and for children to develop their imagination.

You really cant go wrong with these books if your daughter likes ponies, you’ll find themes of friendship, discovery and challenge coupled with lovely illustrations. If you’d like to find out more about the series or get your hands on some downloads then do check out the Princess Evie’s Ponies website.


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