Book Review: The Night The Stars Went Out by Suz Hughes

28th July 2016 No Comments

the night the stars went outThis is  a book about an Alien who is the star controller for the entire galaxy. This was all fine until one night the stars literally went out. The alien is forced to call the star helpline is unable to help directly and sends the little alien to Earth where he makes a new friend.

A brilliant read, this book is about friendship and problem solving. It has some subtle jokes in there to keep parents interested which is something I always enjoy when reading to the children. The children really enjoyed this story and there was a lot of discussion around the images and the problems to be solved. I thought it was a good picture book in that it was suitable for them all and all of my kids enjoyed it  from the four year old to the nine year old, this doesn’t happen very often nowadays.

The story is sweet, the illustrations are thoughtful which really does make a difference. For me bedtime can be challenging trying to meet everyones needs from age 4 through to 9 and a mixture of boys and girls, this book just worked though. Its a handy read when your child is struggling with friendship issues and so makes a valuable contribution to your bookshelf.

You’ll be able to get hold of a copy in October when Curious Fox release it, pre-order it from Amazon here.


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