I am constantly amazed by the different levels of concentration children seem to display. For example, my children will colour in pictures for all of about 3 minutes. However, they will happily watch films for hours on end. They will sit and do a jigsaw puzzle until there is about 3 pieces left until completion, then they will wander off. They will re-enact complicated scenarios (usually battle ones) time and time again, but they won’t do the Waybaloo yoga for more than a few minutes. At the childminders, Fifi will wander around with a pushchair for ages and ages, at home it’s a dash across the living room then a play with the WotWot toys, then a dash across the living room. Fine, that is children.

However, since I had them my concentration is slowly vanishing, I’m doing 7 things at once and forgetting about the first. Last night, I managed to start knitting a jumper, sewed a handbag for Fifi and half loaded the dishwasher. I used to be able to concentrate on writing an academic paper or gardening or sewing one thing for hours on end. I never thought that children would have such an impact on me!

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